While we consider ourselves a steak restaurant, we also pride ourselves on our craft salad bar — complete with fresh, locally sourced, and non-GMO produce. If you want to throw together your own salad with our healthy ingredients, feel free! If you’d rather eat a salad we’ve put together, we serve our signature seasonal salads at the bar. Try the Fruit Quinoa Salad for a flavorful, protein-packed option, or opt for our sweet potato and pomegranate salad for iron, vitamin C, and protein.

The salad bar at our Sizzler locations in Phoenix and Mesa is always a fan favorite. Learn more about our featured salads and their health benefits today!

  1. Best Salad Bar Combinations

    Salad Bar Essentials: Creating A Healthy Mix The salad bar is a remarkable innovation that we take pride in providing at our steakhouse locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona. With so many ingredients available to you, the possibilities are truly endless for what you can take back to the table. While some visit the unlimited salad bar purely for the flavors and to tide them over until their steak …Read More