1. Best Salad Bar Combinations

    Salad Bar Essentials: Creating A Healthy Mix The salad bar is a remarkable innovation that we take pride in providing at our steakhouse locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona. With so many ingredients available to you, the possibilities are truly endless for what you can take back to the table. While some visit the unlimited salad bar purely for the flavors and to tide them over until their steak …Read More

  2. New Years Resolution: Eat More Steak

    As you begin compiling your New Year’s resolutions for 2019, you might want to consider adding more steak in your diet to the list — yes, really! While it’s no secret that we love steak for a variety of reasons here at our steakhouse in Phoenix, what you might not have known is that, contrary to popular belief, adding red meat to your diet can benefit you in your quest to live a healthier li…Read More

  3. Steak 101: How To Grill To Perfection When The Stakes Are High

    Welcome to Steak 101 by Sizzler, where we cover all things steak-related to not only get you salivating and wanting to come into our steakhouse in Phoenix or Mesa, but also to fill you in on the wonderful world of steak and how you can make steakhouse-quality meals right at home too! In this post, we’ll dive into some tips from the pros on what it takes to make a great steak, because, like we al…Read More